Another Nirbhaya loses fight of life. Will ‘Nirbhaya’ of Hathras get Justice?

-By Ragini Singh

Rape is the most hated crime for a woman as it is sexual violence and unlawful intrusion on the right of privacy and sanctity of Woman, it is a serious blow to women’s Supreme Honor, it offends her self-esteem and dignity, it degrades and humiliates the victim and leaves her behind a traumatic experience. A rapist is not someone who only cause physical injuries on a victim but he leaves scar on the victims most cherished possession i.e. her dignity, Integrity, repute and lastly her chastity. Rape is not crime against a woman, it is crime against entire society. It is an act that completely destroys the psychology of the victim and pushes her into deep emotional catastrophe, it is crime against basic human rights, and also violative to victim’s fundamental right – enshrined under Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

Women in our country has power to fight against the injustice done to them but this power of law which paves the way to fight against the injustice has to go through many trials to gain result. And these trials come with obstacles that are stronger than the strongest storms and this surpassing of the obstacle can go a long away and years pass just to obtain the so called ‘justice’ through the power of law. The best example we have is the Nirbhaya case where it took twelve years for Nirbhaya to hang her perpetrators to death. But now the question yet again tantalizes us whether this nineteen-year-old Nirbhaya of Hathras will get ‘her’ justice? This incident took place in Hathras Uttar Pradesh in the late of the September where it was reported that a nineteen-year-old girl had been gang raped and brutally assaulted. The report was this simple as every day we hear news of these ‘powerful women protected under law’ facing such incidents as it is a common culture in our country.

The law stands and watches because protection is provided in our books in black but the condition is you will get this protection in the form of justice on the condition of facing the horrors first and then proving the same that the act of rape has been committed, but why has to be it like this is the question why must a women face such thing in the first place? The solution is given to us under Indian penal code in section 375 and 376 and the law is strong, so strong as to create a fear into the minds of people that they don’t even think about taking advantage of women in our country but the problem lies in the enforcement and execution of the law.

And we can see the problem very clearly in the case of Nirbhaya of Hathras as it faces the same situation where enforcement and execution has created a big obstacle in the way of justice. The very first obstacle that we needed to overcome for the enforcement of law for justice is show people show the ladies or any other victim that the law enforcement officers that is the police in our country are those people who we should when in problem go to and the police should be sensitized and know clearly that they work for the people and not for the money.

Politicians should not try to make issues out of such incidents rather try to simply support the issue without any political agenda which would provide great strength to the people in these situations. Also these situations and crime are very sensitive matter where caste creed religion should not matter and should not be given importance but instead the victim should be the person of prime concern just as in our Nirbhaya of Hathras where we needed the police to be on her side and the politicians should not have made it into their dirty game play and she should not be discriminated based on her caste and the perpetrators should not have been given preferential treatment and the court if only focuses on the law taking out all the external factors and this should alone be enough to get a speedy trial and justice to our Nirbhaya of  Hathras.    


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