Will ‘Nirbhaya’ of Hathras get Justice?

-By Tarun Satya & Rajalakshmi R Rajan

Bharath – The Diversified Colorful Country which engendered a meaningful phase “Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu” meaning ‘May all beings be Happy and Free’ has a deep-rooted problem in considering the above phase itself in this so-called modern era.

The news like Rapes, Gang Rapes, Sexual Abuse isn’t new to the Children of Bhoo Mata (Mother India).

Gandhi once said ‘the day a woman can walk fearlessly at midnight on the roads, that day we can say that India has truly attained independence’.

Well, it’s been 73 years of Independence, and have we attained independence truly is a question that has to be pondered about.

So many rape cases, hardly a few are reported.

Laws were amended after the Nirbhaya case in the year 2012. But have the laws actually helped in getting justice for crimes against women?

The system and laws are rigid, but there are so many other factors that cause a delay in the delivery of justice to those who have been wronged.

This news is just like an established routine to be heard. People grief, cry, protest, upload Post to show their Support, and soon FORGET. The biggest Enemy for we Indians is absent-mindedness. We have a tendency to react like a pressure cooker and later be a fuzzed out drink-making no sound. We expect the Government to give answers but we never dare to question. We preach about Courage but never follow in reality. We owe to stand up for the Society but fall asleep when the needy call out for help.

Justice lies in the conscience of the people, and in today’s generation their conscience lies in social media, where posts are posted, hashtags are born, and when new news pops up, old news dies silently.  And when another news of rape comes up, people wake up from their long slumber.

Answering the question, will ‘Nirbhaya’of Hathras get Justice?

Yes, she will, but it won’t be anytime soon.

‘Justice delayed is justice denied’.

What is the point of getting justice 8 or 10 years later, when the girl didn’t have a decent burial, her body was burned in the middle of the night?

Didn’t she deserve a decent death? A decent burial?

Which was denied, a young girl lost her life, a family lost their daughter too soon. Even if she gets justice, it will be too late, thanks to the corruption, interference of the politicians, and other factors, it is as good as denied.

Nirbhaya’s case was not the first and will never be the last such case in our country.  Hathras Gang rape is a typical example of the latter statement. Justice is always a Subjective Word to the people. To one it may be Justice but to another it’s Injustice. When we say that justice has been given to Nirbhaya, we say it’s not. ‘Justice delayed is the Justice denied’ and that’s what we believe in. When a patient requires medication at the earliest but given only when he goes to Coma cannot be called Proper Treatment. Treatment could save his life but his Vegetative State is no use to him. That’s exactly how it feels when the victim gets justice behind time.

There can be a lot of reasons for the delay. One could be inadequate no of Courts to facilitate the proceedings of such case while others could be low judicial quality in Lower Court. Apart from all these legal mechanisms for the delay, the main fundamental cause is the mentality of this Society.

Our country is so used to victim-blaming that anything that has happened to her is her own fault. We judge the attire worn by the women, we consider them as just as Objects for daily survival and restrict them from coming out with flying colors. Instead of trying to change the Legal mechanism, let’s change ourselves and the problem will be to the most extent be solved by itself, and then we all can say from the heart that ‘Justice is truly delivered’.

Certain crimes should be given immediate and swift justice, with the consequences which will act as a deterrent to the commission of the crime.


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