‘Anywhere in the world, if you see a law which is protecting the rapists, you must know that this law has been prepared by the rapists’ rightly quoted by Mehmet Murat Ildan.
The society is thunderstruck by witnessing such a horrendous crime against a 19-year-old ‘Dalit’ girl who was just working on her farm with her mother. The incident took place in broad daylight near Hathras village in Uttar Pradesh. According to the National Criminal Records Bureau around 88 rape cases happen daily since 2019 and many more go unrecorded; this shows that it is not a new thing in this country So, if this is the case, then why the public is so outraged for this one? Maybe because of the way the government treated the victim’s family or due to their complete ignorance of the case. Allegedly she was brutally raped and while doing so her spine was broken and her tongue been cut. She succumbed to her injuries in the hospital. What was even worse was that her family could not even complete her last rites because she was burnt by the police without their permission while they were trapped in their own house. We are dumbstruck by witnessing such inhuman behavior in our society!

With the earlier evidence of Bhanwari Devi case in Rajasthan in which a low caste woman was sexually assaulted by Gujjars, the then-dominant caste of that place in 1995, it can be concluded that caste denial is an age-old stigma that has still not been resolved. Until this disgusting mindset towards lower caste people will change, we believe that justice is farfetched!

Dirty politics is a major hindrance in the development of this country. We all know that the daughter of Hathras was a ‘Dalit’ and the perpetrators were so-called ‘Thakurs’. Coincidentally the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh is a Thakur too! It is such a shame that people with so many personal biases are elected to power. India’s been boasting for so many years to be the world’s largest democracy, but do these shameful acts comply with this claim? In a liberal democracy, people are free to express themselves and the act of covering up such an incident is very much contradictory to this. District Magistrate Mr. Praveen Kumar Laxkar was captured in a clip intimidating the victim’s family. Lower caste people are already suffering with a large number of atrocities and the state machinery which is responsible to protect the society from criminals are instead covering up the matter by setting up a PR committee to prove this incident as a hoax! The act of restraining opposition leaders to visit Hathras for paying condolences to the victim’s family is just vicious.

Respected journalist MS Tanushree Pandey was at the ground when the body is being burnt and the whole time, she has been concealed of the immoral pursuits these government puppets are executing. One of the most influential opposition leader was pushed back by the police when he demanded to proceed further to help them, this reflects the hideous thinking of the government. Eminent lawyer MS Seema Kushwaha reached there but was halted by the policemen. Should we enlighten them that MS Kushwaha was the lady that played a pivotal role in Nirbhaya case? A ray of hope just flashed on us when we came to know that she is leading the case from now on!

But this doesn’t show that justice has been served to the victim’s family. In a state where the government is attempting to safeguard the criminals just because of their caste, then we cannot anticipate a good deed from the leaders of that state. Media houses were flooded by this news; news anchors were constantly interrogating the government. There exists a wall of silence which seems to be impenetrable and now we must all play a role to break this silence! If the government acknowledge all these incidents taking place in the country and instead of bringing stringent laws day by day, provides a practical solution then we can hope some drastic changes soon. In this war, the public must realize their role as a catalyst for justice. Else we all are well informed about Nirbhaya convicts getting their punishment after 7 years! Justice delayed is justice denied!


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