By- Aaditya Sinha


In a democratic set up the most important festival is an “Election”. My home state is Bihar, and here, the State Legislative elections are around the corner. Every time elections come, we have a responsibility to choose the leader or specifically to choose the “Political Party”.

However, as a young adult of this country who is going to vote very soon, is confused that how should I vote, and to whom should I vote? The last time when I was very interested and active was in the 2019 LokSabha Elections.

I will be very honest, I am a very confused person, I don’t know who to support and who to hate, but what I saw on social media before and during the 2019 LOK SABHA Elections was very polarizing.

There are some videos that support completely “X” political party and others are entirely against that political party. That was the time when I got completely invested in the talks of “Left v. Right” politics.

Whenever I used to see Twitter or any other social media for that matter, the war was on between these two ideologies, i.e. left politics and right politics. However, as I already confessed that I am a very confused and conflicted person who is very weak at making decisions, I thought to study and search more to have a conversation in this debate.

After studying I got to know that actually the word “Left” and “Right” are very loosely used. Actually first time the word “Right” and “Left” were used during the French revolution when people who were supporting the French government were sitting on the right side of the government in the parliament (National Assembly) and people who were in the opposition sat on the left to the government.

I wouldn’t agree if you will say that you haven’t seen any war between the supporters of two political ideologies on social media because as days are passing this topic which could have been a very good topic to debate is getting murkier day by day.

Political Ideologies: Why do we need them and how are they originated?

I have one question and I hope you will also have a question that why is there any political ideology or for that matter, what is even an ideology?. Ideology is defined as a set of beliefs of one person or of a group.

The reason why ideologies matter is because there is a huge number of people in the world and our country is also one of the major contributors to that. We know everyone has different thinking, different belief, so it was very important for people, to have a group.

A group where one can have “Common thinking”. This is the reason why ideology matters. If we talk about political ideologies, there are many different political ideologies, from Communism to Socialism to Liberalism and many others.

The unfortunate thing is that in today’s India people even don’t know what these ideologies mean, still, they are fighting with each other. For, example Liberalism and Communism are considered to be the same ideology, however in reality they are very contrasting in nature.

Political ideologies are also divided on the basis of “Nature of economic policy”. The communist whose economic policy is inspired mainly by Karl Marx believes that there should be no capitalism and actually communist believes that capitalism is the root problem of all problems.

The economic policy that communist follow was given by Karl Marx, a German philosopher, economist, and probably the most influential but yet debatable personalities of all time. According to Marx, there are only two types of people in the world. One is Bourgeoise (the one who controls the “Means of production”) and the other one is the proletariat who is according to Marx a “working class”.

According to Marx, the Proletariats are the victim of the Bourgeoisie who owns means of production. In very simple and probably very loose terms, Marx is saying that “Rich is becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer”. 

Look, the idea of marks is a very daunting one to even understand completely. His concepts have been always debatable. Also, in modern times when Globalization has occurred, his theories seem to be very oblivious.

However, his idea which was adopted by Communists is nowhere close to the Liberals. Liberalism is a political ideology that was adopted by the leaders in the Glorious Revolution of 1688.

The American Revolution of 1776 and the French Revolution of 1789, all these revolutions were against to overthrow the royal tyranny. This might be one reason, why today people confuse liberals and communists.

However, the economic policy of liberals is the one which we all are following. They believe in capitalism, and they think that privatization is the key to success.

Political ideologies: the polarized Virtual World

I think people in today’s time want easy and objective answers. They just want to listen to whom you are supporting, to whom you are voting, but in reality are the political parties who you think are supporting a political ideology actually following their own ideology?.

I think today no political party is following their political ideology and probably they can never do, because eventually, whoever the government is there, they have to follow the “Constitution of India” which itself is not from a specific ideology, there is elements of socialism, liberalism, secularism, etc.

Socialism is somewhat similar to communism, however again they are not similar but they are “somewhat” similar.  In today’s time political parties of different ideologies are making alliances in order to be in power, so how are they even following their political ideology?

Last month I saw a documentary called “Social Dilemma”, in which the people who were with “Social Media” giant companies from their beginning have said that the algorithm of social media is polarizing people on the basis of “political ideology”. 

In almost every topic we are polarized in the virtual world, while no one is trying to actually understand what others actually want to say. As we know our constitution itself has been created by taking inspiration of different countries because our leaders knew that in a country like India which is so vast and huge country cannot follow one political ideology. 

Why and how should we Vote?

The most important question is that, as we know that no political parties can follow their own ideology because of the nature of our constitution then why are we fighting for them, and what should be the criteria for giving a vote.

I am saying this because there are some people who want India to be a “Hindu Rashtra”. This according to me cannot happen in our country because of a case called “Kesavananda Bharti v. the State of Kerala”.

In this case, the court has said that parliament can even amend the constitution but they cannot change the “basic structure”.  The basic structure means “the essence of our constitution”. I agree there are only some people who think like that, but it would be very ignorant to say that these people don’t exist.

So, it is very well known that people who are voting don’t know why they are voting for the political party. In an ideal democratic set up one has to vote for the candidate and if there is any problem to the people then they must have the access to make a complaint to or against that person.

India is a quasi-federal country, and the reason for that is to have different states where everyone’s basic needs can be fulfilled by the person who has been voted. However, in reality, there are only a few people who even know that “who are they actually voting” and this according to me is the unfortunate part.

It is high time that we should vote for “people” not for a “Political party” who are trying to follow a political ideology which they even can’t execute even if they come in power. For example, if a communist government is in power, do you think that they can follow the economic policy of communist? I think it is very peripheral to expect from any political party.

So, why not vote for a person who you think can do something for your area, A person who not only speaks but while asking for the vote also shows a road map of how he will do what he is saying.

For example, if someone is saying that “If I become MP/MLA of this region I will give electricity for 20 hours a day”. Then they must have to give a road map of how are they going to do this, but all of this can only happen if we stop following any political parties or their ideologies but to follow a vision of a person who can be from any political party.


To conclude I can only say that it’s high time and we have to understand that no political party in our country can follow their own political ideologies completely. So, we are fighting for a thing that can’t be seen existing in reality.

So isn’t it only “we” who are in loss? We should understand that today the best thing which we can do is to be united, try to understand each other and even if we don’t agree with someone, we can have a healthy debate with an idea to get a particular result.

Let’s hope that there would be one day when we will be knowing exactly “Who to Vote and How to Vote”


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