By- Aaditya Sinha

Rising rape cases across the country are not only disturbing but very depressing news. Whenever something like this happens, people want justice, but what exactly justice means?

Justice can be classified into four main types which are: Reformative, Retributive, Procedural, and Distributive. However, in the criminal system, the two justices are commonly known as Reformative and retributive justice.

In reformative justice, the idea is to reform the society by changing the system into good, by actually changing the convicted person whereas retributive justice is somewhat similar to revenge, where the offender is punished for the offense which he has been committed.

Capital punishment is considered to be the maximum punishment that one can get. In a vast country like India, it is however impossible to consider only one form of justice.

It is now definitely a high time where we have to stop normalizing rape and should take some other offenses against women such as Sexual Harassment, Outraging the modesty of women, and many more others which are defined in the Indian Penal Code as seriously as we can do. However, despite all this, one cannot deny that reality now is very gloomy and dark.

Keywords: Stalking, Sexual Harassment, Outraging against the women’s modesty, Indian Penal Code, Justice, Reformative, Retributive

Read more at https://thelegisprudence.com/2020/10/08/justice-for-rape-victim-reformative-or-retributive-justice/


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