Feminist Criminology


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”

– Mother Teresa

As the topic itself speaks about the concept of feminism, basically it represents the woman’s respect and position in society. In our society women were considered in a very negative way. We the people of a patriarchal society think of women as non-observed in a very traditional way if we go back to ancient times.

It includes how crimes that are being committed by women are being disregarded by our criminal justice system. The previous criminologists who are in support of this faced a major issue of gender ratio that men are more as compared to women.

Our old methods can be modified to give a proper explanation about women committing a crime. However, our country’s feminists try to solve the major problem which is that gender complications are the stoppages to do justice and it’s easily being ignored.

The equality given to women in our society is based on how people respect or shame. People talk about equality but do they generally give that respect i.e. liberal feminism which scrutinizes all the problems faced by women in this patriarchal society.

Certain problems like lack of opportunities and rights that are given to women are always being ignored by our judicial system such as problems in the workplace.

There are three types of feminism:

  1. Marxist feminism refers to that course of action in which there is an unfair treatment of women by the way of capitalism and ownership of private property by male dominance on women.
  2. Radical feminism refers to that feminism in which there is an alteration in the society. Male dominance eradicates all the state of affairs concerning all economic and social factors and it is seen that what a phenomenal society we have where men always wrongfully dominate women.
  3. Socialist feminism refers to the concept in which women allow proving them in every aspect and to fight patriarchy in a very modest way. As women play a vital role as child bearers, House workers, maids, etc.

Domestic Violence against Women in India

“Women must not accept, she must not be awed by that which has been built up around her; she must reverence that women in her which struggles for expressions” 

- Margaret Sanger.

In our society women from earlier times, to date, they can’t get their self-respect and equal rights as we compared to males and they are also being ill-treated by wonderful men and society. Women are being impoverished from their rights personal liberty as per our constitution of India.

There is long time saying that women are weak both physically and emotionally, but as the generation is developing presently women are manifesting themselves and trying to build up their position much better from male groups and in all the works of life including running a house which is most essential work to do for a woman. 

But after all of this, crimes against women do not become a stoppage in most parts of our rural area, in today’s times; women are being killed, harassed, and molested by men. This is the harsh reality of our country India that women are not safe anywhere in the real and virtual world both.

According to the sources, in every 3-minute crime against women is being done and in a very pathetic manner. Every six hours, women are being harassed in the closed door of their house, and every 60 minutes, a woman is being raped brutally.

Domestic violence against women is happening for a long time and it is not a new prodigy that women have that courage to bear all this violence, physically and mentally as well as emotionally.

The entire major attacks which a girl or woman faces are acid attacks, Prostitution, Rape, harassment at the workplace, child marriages (Mostly in parts of Rajasthan). I ask you one question, do you know what are the consequences faced by that victimized woman and her family?

It gives a major change in the lives of that woman and her family members. They get discarded from their cast group and society; all the taunts by their family friends and relatives are thrashed on them. This is the harsh reality, we humans not blame the culprit, and we do the opposite by blaming the victim.

The victim feels uneasy and becomes terrified. Even there are cases of committing suicide by the victim and it gives a major effect on women’s competence in workplaces and most of the women at the end quit their job.

The victim is a mother also, her children also suffered a lot from her mother’s aggravation and her married life will also get disturbed and there is a chance of divorce also.

So, the basic needs of any court are valid reasons. Unless there is a reason in the domestic violence, if a wife is being beaten by her husband, harassment needs grounds to prove that.

There is an act created by our government for women’s safety and security “the protection of women from domestic violence act 2005”, this act states that every woman is being protected from this act, a strong build-up act which unravels the harshness and cruelty of a male towards a woman and the male dominance over a woman body.

Female Offenders: Is their Case handled with Ignorance or not?

According to various researches done by our researchers and our administration of justice, they came to a point that there is lenient handling of cases in which the offender is female.

If we talk about charges against female offenders there is an absolute ignorance or we can say matter or something related to it always remains unsettled. Based on these two hypotheses involve in it:

  1. Chivalry: this states that woman are been kept in a much-idealized position where there are being provided safety and security from society even when that particular woman has done some wrongful act.
  2. Paternalism: states that woman is being recognized in a very inauspicious way and is being considered as a mentally challenged person.

What are the Factors which Influence Woman to do a Crime?

There are certain factors, because of underdeveloped society, in rural areas, this situation forced women to do crimes like lack of education which causes no proper job, no proper earning, so, to feed herself and her family she commits theft and robbery.

Improper earnings become a major issue and it forces both men and women to commit a crime. But from the past few years, women are creating their position in the market, not just sitting at home and doing children, they are working, this will lead to demoralizing their mindset in committing a crime.

Feminist Criminology from Global Perspective

There is more influence of Feminist Criminology on international platforms like the United States, Europe, and the UK. Domestic violence against a woman is a grave offense and it is at an increasing rate especially in Muslim countries where women are being treated as slaves from the male side like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Morocco and the cases which are being filed by the victims in the court are being highly ignored.

In the year 2006, woman’s victimization brought up in the bias of the feminists, according to researches which are being developed, there is much more exploitation to the victims and also they are being trapped in global gender industry.

Criminologists stated in their researches that victimizing and sanctioning a woman in the criminal justice system based on traditional gender norms where most of the countries failed to show the reality that the victims are treated like offenders because they infringed the beliefs and social norms which are created for the women by our society.

Feminist criminologists tried to deal with these situations that are being faced by girls and women and no better solution came into existence.


As per my view on the concept of Feminist Criminology, it will always in our legal system where it is developing into a huge problem and an issue to divide a woman and crime as well as the study of Domestic Violence which is increasing in several countries, woman indeed bear so much of pain and frustration both physically and emotionally

They are certain conditions which grew up where these victims are forcefully encouraged to commit a crime and become an offender. 


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